5+ Reasons Dancer's Should Do Gyrotonic®    

    Dance is artistry created by highly formalized body movement.
To become a professional dancer one requires a strong mental and physical strength and ability. It is a long journey with meticulous and hard work. To achieve excellence dancers would need extensive training to prevent body injuries and to maximize body ability. Here are 5+ reasons that major successful ballet companies like ABT, San Francisco Ballet and many other ballet companies in Europe have their dancers execute Gyrotonic® method. 

Maximize Range of Motion

    Dancer’s flexibility and mobility is one of the most essential things in dance. It should be developed gradually and safely to maintain health of tendons, ligaments and joints. By not be able to use the body in a right way create limitation in movement. Gyrotonic® method stretches and strengths the body simultaneously by support system by creating small muscles to maximizes the range of motion.


    The way we handle our body exhibits the connection and alignment we have with ourselves and with our bodies.  Gyrotonic® method moves the body to create muscle groups and develops connective tissue to align and to connect the body. It takes your body to the next level where you move effortlessly and gracefully. 


    As we know balance created by combination of strength and alignment. This is important skill for dancer as much as flexibility, coordination and etc. Certain Gyrotonic® movements on Jumping Stretching Board is placing the body in the position that develops grandness through which creates balance. It is a great way to enhance quality of peruet, tour leans, and stability to firmly balance on points.  


    Strength as well as everything else is one of the most important commodities for the dancer. Dancers are complex movers. Gyrotonic® can improve traditional strength that they develop during class training. Gyrotonic® helps create small muscles with support system where you move your body without feeing your body weight.

And More

    Gyrotonic® is a great system built for dancers. It connects, aligns, strengthens and tons the body three dimensional. Consistent training will apply other aspects of the dance such as breath control, jumps, point work, upper body and arms, etc. It also prevents from injures and treats them if necessary.