Pointe. The illusion of dancing effortlessly on one’s toes, giving the appearance of dancing on air. We all know the hard work that goes into achieving this. It requires balance, alignment, flexibility, and strength throughout the entire body. A strong core is key, but developing strong legs, ankles, and feet are just as necessary. The use of resistance bands is for strengthening feet and a balance board or bosu ball for strengthening the stabilizer muscles in the ankles are good things to incorporate in your workout regime, but sometimes a little more is needed to help feel more of a connection with your body, strengthening areas to keep you from sinking into your shoe, maintaining proper alignment, maintaining turnout. This comes from working other areas and muscles in the body that we either forget exist or get overlooked. That’s when real damage can be done and bad habits acquired. Because the movements used in Gyrotonics are circular it will help you use those other muscles your probably have never thought to use and build the strength necessary to thrive in your pointe work. This is achieved by setting and creating a solid foundation to build upon, meaning exercises are added gradually as strength increases and develops. Schedule your appointment today at or call 424-333-4545 

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