Snapped. Cracked. Torn. Sprained. Rolled. What do all these words have in common? These are the words every dancer dreads hearing. Why? It usually means you have been injured. Here are a few common dance injuries, how you can help prevent encountering these, and repair ones you may have by incorporating GYROTONIC® METHOD into your dance workout regime.

· Common Dance Injury #1: Ankle Sprains

This is usually caused by over stretching or tears in the ligaments in the ankle. One of the ways to prevent this is with ankle exercises and hip strengthening. 

· Common Dance Injury #2: Snapping Hip

Sometimes it can begin without pain when it snaps, but later it can be accompanied with pain, tightness with the IT band, and weakness of the outside of the hip. What are a couple of ways to prevent this? Strengthening the glutes and working on pelvic stabilization.

· Common Dance Injury #3: Achilles Tendonitis

This occurs when the tendon in the back of the ankle becomes inflamed. Stretching the feet in parallel and incorporating quad, hip, and core stretching can aid in preventing this.

To prevent some of these dance injuries from sidelining your dance training call (949) 685-8830. Learn how you can help prevent these preventable dance injuries.

The advantages of using the GYROTONIC® exercise system for dancers are numerous. It helps to strengthen and stretch their muscles, improve posture, increase range of motion and coordination, reduce stress, and even prevent or heal common dance injuries. The combination of traditional Pilates/yoga poses with dynamic movements based on the principles of GYROTONIC® METHOD makes it an ideal choice for any dancer looking to optimize their performance while reducing risk of injury.

With regular practice, dancers will see improved strength and flexibility in their bodies as well as enhanced efficiency when executing complex movement patterns. Ultimately, Gyrotonic can be a valuable addition to a dancer’s training regimen that will help them reach new heights in their art form. To get started, reach out to Movement Dynamic and book your first appointment with discount! Your body will thank you.

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